May 15th, 2007


in which I fail at technology

No love for the internet today, it's being slow and horrible, and losing things. Definitely a day to copy before you post.

That said ... Love pigeons? Hate pigeons? Just want to put fezzes on their adorable little pigeon heads? This is for you: App puts fez on nesting pigeon's head (and occasionally arse). Damian, I consider this to be the benchmark for any future garden webcam shenanigans. (via fridgemagnet)

There's more! Like Ash? Hate Ash? (the band not the Pokemon character) Either way, you probably need to know that they've signed a My Little Pony. Ohboy. (via tictactoepony)

Mad news story of the day: the owners of this castle have to remove a bunch of concrete facing from it. It's going to take about two years. Their teenage kids said, "Oooh, can we draw on it first? Please? Please? (x million)" OK said parents, but get in some professionals to show you how. So far they have Nunka, Nina and Os Gemeos on the job. Video on the BBC.

Been investigating Web 2.0 stuff again. I has a Facebook. And even more pointlessly, a tumblr. Not really sure what they're good for, except posting pictures of chickens maybe. I'm sorry, I meant Collapse ) pictures of chickens already!

I'm still looking for that "Yes! This is what the Internet is really for!" feeling. Last time I got it I was photographing a small leaf in the gutter that looked vaguely like a dinosaur. And I haven't even posted it to Flickr yet. Later that same day, I failed to tell Twitter about a shred of red tinsel lametta caught among cherry blossom, glittering in the sunset, when my slow 70s-vintage thumbs collided with Pebl's limited predictive vocabulary, and I shouted ARSE! and got on the bus instead.

Some sort of moment of clarity I suppose.
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