May 22nd, 2007


in haste but look at my bones!

Wow. I seem to have fixed my flickering monitor merely be phoning ICT and complaining! If I'd known that was all it took I would have done it months ago.

New mad art sculpture thing! Jodie Carey's enormous wedding cake made from casts of human bones and icing. It's beautiful!

(Note: If you want to see the Tumblr, you can put it on your friends list as cleansk_tumblr, but please be aware that it will be any old random crap that blows through my brain. I may also give it up. I've not decided yet.

It's all part of some work-related research where I'm going through a bunch of networking sites I've never bothered with before, trying them out. It's such fun I decided to put it on my blog rather than here, to avoid boring you all to death. Yes, I can hear you yawning already.)

Never mind that though -- look! Gay Flamingos raise incubator-hatched chick.

Now that's what the internet is for.
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