May 24th, 2007


this is what happens when you look for gin on the internet:

Dear J R


Welcome to the refreshing world of GORDON'S gin.

GORDON'S drinkers love to share their thoughts on GORDON'S gin. And as Master Distiller, I love to hear them. This one in particular made me smile.

Just a quick note to say how much I love
GORDON'S gin. I just love it with a dash
of tonic! I thought I should let you know.
God bless you...keep up the good work!

(Thanks for that Mr Davis - there's nothing like the thought of a good old GORDON'S and tonic to build up a thirst.)


The slightest mention of GORDON'S makes my mouth water. But what makes it so good? Is it the handpicked Tuscan juniper berries that infuse GORDON'S with its unmistakable ginny taste?

Maybe it's the carefully chosen herbs and spices (that's the botanicals), delicately balanced to bring out the real character? Then again it could be the way the aroma wafts up your nose and the tonic tingles your tastebuds. You tell me.


Tap your keys and pass on any tips, recipes or GORDON'S gin tales you may have.

All you have to do is go to the Contact Us section of the website and let your thoughts flow. I'm sure he sound of GORDON'S gin pouring over ice will inspire you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon - that's my excuse to reach for the GORDON'S gin.


Hugh Williams
Master Distiller

P.S. Look out for my emails over the coming months as well as all the free stuff that'll be up for grabs.

--- clip ---
I got that for entering a competition to win a year's supply of gin and tonic. What? You don't want a year's supply of gin and tonic?

I'm not sure Mr Williams would approve of the sort of things I do with gin, although I'm tempted to tell him. What would you inject gin into? I think passionfruit might be nice. Orange segments would be too bursty, I think. But worth a try!
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