May 25th, 2007


this week's strip : theives of sleep

I had this week's strip ready to post at 8.30am this morning. Livejournal, however, was having none of it. It seems to be increasingly and aggravatingly inclined to hang and stutter at the moment. In fact, a lot of sites seem to be. I have this mental image of the internet slowly disappearing under under a sludging torrent of bot-created comment spam, with all the big sites jutting out at crazy angles, like church spires after a mudslide, and all the little sites skittering around like coracles and flotsam, floating or sinking according to the will of the maelstrom.

theives of sleep detail

Bad dreams and tired mornings seem to be my stock in trade at the moment. But what strikes me is just how tired all the childen look on the dispiriting occasions I end up on the school run bus. I started looking at babies, and even they look knackered. Where is all our sleep going to?

In other news, Modern Art Oxford has a show on at the moment that "invites broader reflection on the idea of ownership in general", apparently. I found it rather annoying -- it makes poor use of the space, apart from anything else (I won't rant here). Except for the chocolate mirror balls, which are brilliant. According to the menu, they're referencing Warhol; I recommend standing under them and trying to identify the chocolate type by smell. Caution, they're easy to miss, as they've been tucked in the shadows over the viewing point for the video art in the downstairs room.

"Chocolate mirror ball" ought to mean something. It ought to be in everyday usage, "Love, you're about as reflective as a chocolate mirror ball."
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