June 1st, 2007

shiny bogpic

a busy week.

Myself and co-whores ellenlindner and ms_slonim have been finalising bits and bobs for the new Whores of Mensa comic, to be launched at Mocca this year. I need to draw a couple of cushions today, then I'm done, I hope -- off it goes to print. Until then, here is the first page of my story, Lifting the Veils.

Out drinking with juggzy last night, dodging finalists. She's brilliant at bullying rich boys with a sense of entitlement who attempt to take over your table, but we still gave up and fled first to The White Horse (which currently has better beer on than the Turf! How does that work?) and then to the Wheatsheaf which has gone, ah, quite seriously rough.

Also, Tim's cat appeared to be existing in his own bubble of gravity this morning. We decided he was probably generating a black hole made of fluff, and this was causing local gravitational anomalies.

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