July 17th, 2007


Oh hai I have been ill again (also Truck, birthday, soup)

Gave up on Friday and crashed gracelessly into bed. Attempts to go back to work yesterday did get me there (to work), but it clearly wasn't going to stick, so I had an excruciating conversation with the boss (hard to tell which of us was more embarassed) and headed home as fast as I could manage (slightly before 6pm as the "absolutely crucial" list bloated, ugh).

I'll go in again tomorrow, half day in the office, half at home (maybe?). Worried about Truck next weekend -- I did ATP in this state, but that wasn't in a field, and there were plenty of dark corners to crawl off and groan in. And then there's my birthday, coming up after that ...

Help me!
Help me!
I am alone with my shed.

Never mind, I just made (and ate) tasty soup. So it's not all bad.
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