July 25th, 2007


oh no! it's raining again!

Ahhh, nothing says "I am on holiday" quite so well as websurfing in your dressing gown at noon, eating whatever-was-in-the-fridge on top of ryvita.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes, I was not actually lost under flood waters, but my internet inexplicably disappeared just as the sun came out so I had NO CHOICE but to go to visit the concrete dinosaurs at Crystal Palace. Which were lovely! I think all public parks should have them. I may just start a Facebook Group proposing Just That.

Here's hoping that poor sparkymark isn't yet under water (he's in that bit of Oxford that's all over the news at the moment). I may go rubberneck later, once the camera's recharged itself from yesterday's dinosaurs. Or not, the light's rubbish.

Ah, that would be because it's raining again ...