July 31st, 2007


maggie q is quite the babe

That Bruce Willis. He looks more like Mr Angry Potato Head every passing year. There's no grown-up showing of Transformers, so we did Die Hard 4.0 instead. It was strikingly dumb, but the thugs are fantastic. Later on this week I intend to round things off with a bit of Shakespeare. It's important to keep in touch with the classics.

Great birthday, too, I now have more dinosaurs than a very spoiled 8-year old. Stella the Stegosaurus deserves special mention (her front brain thinks about handbags and shopping, her arse-brain about sex and violence, oh, and she's a glove-puppet) as does the Amazing Tiny Anylosaur that glows in the dark (thank you motodraconis) and Mudnose the Unconquered, the remote-controlled flying pterosaur. He likes to crash and fly in circles (sometimes the other way round) and we nearly lost him to a small dog.

Damn. I've just remembered what I forgot to do today.
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