August 6th, 2007


me and my vowels

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weekend achievement list

  • Completed epic (aren't they all?) Order of the Stick game. I played Elan! And lost, obviously.
  • Listened to new Space Heroes of the People song about 12 times.
  • Restocked childrens section at the Oxfam Bookshop. We have some LOVELY picture books in. Managed to avoid buying them all on the spot (just).
  • Started august compilation (working title "day job"). Added a few more songs to floodwater and fireworxxx (july and june).
  • Proof of concept on the crocus catalogue flower garlands, made 2, made mental note to make about 12 more.
  • Broke up some old sunglasses for bits, then used the bits to repair two favourite pairs of sunglasses.
  • Cleaned bathroom and threw out old ununsed cosmetical things. Paddled in bath, with rolled-up trousers and everything! It was the weather for it.
  • Disposed of two bags of books, including my Finnegan's Wake. Life-stage alert!
  • Put a new knob on a kitchen cabinet door. Should make it easier to tell people where to find the Resolve and Chammomile tea.

Just because these weren't on 43 things doesn't make them any less achievements.