August 17th, 2007


here's a neat thing quickly

Friday afternoon art link -- gentle surrealist Charles Parker Boggs. Particular treasures in painting and sculpture. I think that particular style of website comes from auto-generating it using an i-photos tool, but I'm prepared to forgive a lot for the slogan, "use the knobs, they take you everywhere!"

antony is everywhere

He's on the roof, on top of towerblocks, over the river, lurking by a flagpole, haunting a walkway, ghosting up the horizon and just when you thought it was safe to go outside (having thoroughly exhausted (although not wasted) an hour waiting to go inside "hatch"), behind you!!!

there's one behind you!

I was having a rotten week at work so took a lightning wednesday break to see Gormley at the Hayward before it goes this weekend. There were queues, crowds and a lot more variety of work than I'd been led to expect on display -- although plenty of old favourites, too:

menace and red shoes

The most astonishing thing is that not one review has mentioned the deliciously tacky souvenir item available in the shop ... yes! I am now the proud owner of an Antony Gormley snowglobe! (official title: blind light cloud dome)

what will I do with an antony gormley snowglobe?

My highlight? Capacitor. I couldn't photograph it (they had an attendant checking no-one impaled themselves on the spines) but the Guardian did (there are some other pieces there, too). I also liked the sculpture on the bridge, though I did rather try Tim's patience repeatedly attempting to get just enough fill-flash to appropriately illuminate his cock. I think I did OK though:

have you finished photographing antony gormley's cock yet?

Thank you antony, you are:

antony is miss world queen