September 10th, 2007


hands still ragged from the concreting (neices and photos)

In the end I dressed up the amazing camo-dino-hoodie (oh, that it was available for adults) with a sparkly pink dinosaur keyring for the zipper and some badges. A gift and a life-lesson in how you can transform outfits for other purposes through the power of accessorising. Apparently Lucy (even smaller) is also taken by the keyring, but that may be just becuase it's shiny and tiny enough to be forbidden. Bizarrely, this morning I got a letter from an entirely different neibling (Lewis). The scribbles looked authentic but I think mum probably helped with the rest (he's only 2!)

I got asked if I'd allow use of a photo in this tiny photo gallery from schmap (below) a week or so ago, and now it's done, and I find a photo from plumber Jo in the pile, too. You'll know if yours are there, they've been scrupulous about getting permission.

There's an "Oxford Botanic Gardens" widget here, honest. Well, it's on this page too (grumble).

Very strange dream this morning, I'm still trying to unpack it.

Hmmm, looks like it may not load on LJ. I'll have to put it on my vox (sfx pokes tongue out).