September 17th, 2007


so what would you do an open university course on? (weekly strip)

This week's strip is another old one I've pulled out of the vaults. I rescued it mostly because I like the chicken detail! it dates back to late last year, when no matter what I did I seemed to just get iller and iller. There were other things going on, but the thing having the worst effect was the anaemia, which seemed to about half my effective energy. I took iron tablets, I got better. It doesn't always work quite that smoothly but it really was that easy for me. The symptoms (feeling very run down and tired) are easy to mistake for other things (being depressed or recovering from a virus for example) so it's one to watch out for.

complications - detail
complications - detail
Feeling sorry for myself

At lunch time when I was gingerly negotiating a very hot panini, zengineer was talking about his Open University Course and I was struck that I had no idea at all what I'd want to study. "Obvious," he said, "Dinosaurs, fossils, paleontology."

...but, I'm not really interested in that. I mean, dinosaurs -- yes. But I'm not after digging them up and measuring their brain pans. I'm more interested in the role of dinosaurs in culture through history.

But that's not really worth studying, I'd say.
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