September 20th, 2007


interrupted by a conversation about fairy lights

This morning, I woke up and realised that the two fish tanks full of black and white fish in my bedroom were getting really full and the pipefish, especially, had gotten very out of hand. Also, a bunch of the goldfish (or possibly guppies?) were looking pregnant, again. I was wondering about the plausibility of putting pregnant fish on freecycle, when I realised Tim was still in bed, sleeping curled up under the duvet like a cat and he would (oh no!) be late for work and I started frantically trying to wake him (he was having none of it and continued to sleep).

Then it occurred to me that I didn't own a fish tank, and certainly wouldn't have it in my bedroom even if I did, and Tim had left to go to work, I distinctly remembered him getting up now I came to think about it. So I stopped trying to wake him up and just stroked him gently until he gently dissolved, like meringue into golden light, and I woke up for real.

In business matters, I have a few more Whores of Mensa #3. A few people expressed interest, but I didn't have any stock then. I've already asked over in jeremydennis but over here I can post polls!

Poll #1058311 Would you like a copy of Whores of Mensa #3?

I would like a copy of Whores of Mensa # 3

I already have one!

Purchase options:

I will send you money by paypal
I will buy it from you when I next see you
I will swap it for something interesting
I will send you nothing but want one anyway

Anything else?

You owe me a comic strip, you laggard!
Screw Whores of Mensa! I want a Tiny Tea Comic
Actually I was rather hoping you'd have finished "Summer in Space" by now
Are you giving up doing The weekly Strip?

In other news, I finished the greenhouse. Dear god! My fingernails!

EDIT: Knobbuckets, I forgot the price. £3.50 with UK postage in, £4.50 if it's going overseas.