September 21st, 2007

2020 lack of vision

mamma mia, that's a long queue

Well, those who have paid for their Whores of Mensa should receive them shortly, just as soon as they have made their way through the latest wildcat post strike (so that may be a while). The post office was manned by a trainee, a manager and two old lags, so I queued like a bastard, too. Still may not get through, though -- lots of things get lost during strikes. Let me know if it's not turned up within the week, and I'll send again, if I have any left.

People already in town for Truck Festival, we're having a Cowley end pre-Truck get-together at the Ex this evening. Space Heroes of the People are playing alongside a few others including indies on the up Dead Letter Society, door is £4, shiny shoes of disco will feature.

Speaking of postal strikes, remember this?

120. Wildcat postal strike
27 September 2003