September 27th, 2007

2020 lack of vision

tidying away truckfest

I have posted over on the Flickr a few of the photos I took at the weekend (Lomography Action Sampler and Konica Pop, camera fans!) and in the spirit of a final round-up, present sentence on the weekend. Dear I was a Cub Scout, I appreciate that you were fighting fatigue and a collapsing stage but you still have to try harder, Mr Jim Protector, on the other hand; you were lots of fun. Being plugged into Twitter is a very satisfying way to increase your enjoyment of festival (though possibly only if your Twitters are coming from excellent people). Fonda 500 and the Brakes, you were fun, too -- and so much better than when I last saw you. At Truck. Speaking of which; Trademark, A Scholar and a Physician, you're lovely. How come you are always and only at Truck, and can we have an AS&AP album please? Truck Festival organisers: a big thumbs-up for the candyfloss machine, but on other, more key things, WTF. George Pringle, you were good sunday afternoon listening, and I'm still crying about missing Disco Drive ... but you can't catch them all.

The photographer's finger, she has a flava.