October 2nd, 2007


when I'm with you it's always summer

Blame badasstronaut, if you want, because she was the one who said that there ought to be a place on the internet where you could go and look at images of summer on dark cold miserable days. She's absolutely right, and so I made for her and me and anyone else who wants a little summer to help them through the off season, all_of_summer. My plan is to go look out summery things to post there when I'm feeling down and grey.


Go, join, and post you favourite little bit of summer. Remind us that it isn't always grey.

In other news, I drew Agatha Christie for the Whores of Mensa september challenge. Only a few days late! I expect it's still open if anyone fancies being challenged to draw a famous lady! (If you go back through the whores blog a bit, there's already a bunch of really cool pictures up.) Just post a request (over there, not here).
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