October 5th, 2007


badger! badger! badger!

Despite having scripted some four or five strips featuring the noble British Badger, not one of them has ever made it into final production. I hearby remedy that in this week's strip, I was brought up in the old ways which continues my explaination of the true experience of living in British suburbia. Devizes is actually a real place, and as a child held near-mythical status for me, being (as it was) the place you stopped on the way to somewhere else (or drove past without stopping). My Rivendell, if you like.

I was brought up in the old ways - detail

P.S. I haven't forgotten about the memes and the scrabble and the sunshine. I'll get to them later.

P.P.S. Um, gosh. I guess I'd better append a "mild nudity alert" to that comic strip.