October 9th, 2007


beautiful tops from Barcelona

Last week I was watching the progress of a shop being set up in the Clarendon centre, possibly the squarest, chainiest bit of Oxford. Watching a bunch of implausibly young and nervous-looking shopfitters applying hand cut window decorations, primary coloured mannequins, decorative ironwork. The hand-painted sign must have been the last thing to go up. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what its name is. They don't even have a till as such, and the changing room's bare concrete walls are barely veiled by the filmy hangings. But what they do have is beautiful, beautiful clothes. Printed tops from Barcelona (I saw one perfect for you, jinty) top/dresses with prints of cats and birds (there's a bird one which would look fabulous on bluedevi). The sizing is rather vague and rather small (I'd guess at 8-16 -- I found a nice top to fit me, but others were oh! too small) and the style is suitable really only for ladies or flamboyant gentlemen, but it is a shop of charm and beauty, and should be seen before it is crushed between the Scylla of competing chainstores and the Charybdis of shoplifting teenagers.
with superpowers

In other news, I receive an odd spammail from Goldstein Collection ("My dead grandfather communicates with me through his vintage radio receiver. This weblog is a journal of our conversations.") Or possibly it's not spam, as it's certainly addressed to me. Is it a teaser campaign for a new supernatural movie? The art project of a friend? Or did I express interest in EVP to someone at some point? (And is the fact that a few clicks down I find an advert for Daywatch just another spooky coincidence?) EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is a mild interests of mine, actually. Evidence! Stone tapes! Environmental exorcism! You can listen to some examples here.

Does anyone know where I can find good pictures comparing the size/structure of about seven to ten satellites? Detailed illustrations or diagrams would work, as would photographs.
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