October 10th, 2007


new zodiac much like old zodiac, really

Thanks for the satellites, peoples. Any more shiny pictures of space hardware, please send them my way!

And speaking of the shiny, I spent a quantity of last night's gig with ?Becky (I think) from You say Party we say Die!* wrapped round my head (she was wearing a silver lurex playsuit and batwing jacket combo, 80s perm caught up in a rhinestone headband, and looked like she'd rollerskated off the pages of an 80s girls comic) and later got to see Los Campesinos get all emotional about playing such a historic venue, so it's business as usual upstairs at the Zodiac. The paintscheme is undercoat grey, they've moved the bar, the stage (and sound) is bigger and better. The toilets have retained their legendary edge, but some of the awfulness has receded. The high cost of drinking has had the wholly predictable effect of people rolling up to the gigs hammered already and collapsing in little heaps against the crowd barriers. But overall, in among the crowds of glowstick-wielding indie goslings and stolid Brooksian uberfemsch (hurrah for girly gigs) we had a good good time.

In other news, coworker has just dumped a packet of mini cocktail sausages on my desk. I'm having uneasy flashbacks to this morning. This morning:

Blue-eyed doc: What, do you think -- another?
Nurse who has seen me in too many compromising positions: Yes, just to be neat.
Me [mock despair]: Three stitches?

*Current playlist favourites. Try "Falling out" or "The Gap!" or better yet go see them live as they're currently touring their socks off.

Dumb links section:

Ferret Fashion's Halloween page. That would be clothes for your ferret, if you had a ferret and wanted to dress one.

Black Sheep - The Movie. It's a zombie movie about sheep. Like most people who've done Ten Tors, I've been there.
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