October 28th, 2007


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I've been on holiday for a few days, so I've missed all of your news. I caught up on what I could, but it wasn't much. My news is brief and can easily be summarised, thusly:

I drew a weekly strip but I eated it it was a bit fucking depressing so I'm doing some wild colouring on it to compensate, then I'll put it up.

I continue to plan for the Lord of the Rings Eating and Drinking party. Does anyone have tips on lighting Sambuca? I need to make Flaming Balrogs. Also, is Orgeat nice?

I visited London for dinosaurs, satellites and the crack. It was a very nice crack, but I was probably more excited about the dinosaurs.

It turns out our bathroom wall is half cavity, half solid, so putting up the mirrors proved a little more complicated than we thought. Also, ancient drill gave up the ghost eight twelve holes too early.

As it says in the title, and for the five-odd people who are interested, we've moved to the Cape of Good Hope. Hopefully by now this will take none of you by surprise. Food is served until 10pm, staff are lovely, beer is varied and interesting. The new local comic shop is also open till 10pm and a mere five minutes walk from the pub...

Nanowrimo approaches. I plan to spend it breaking all of the rules of Nanowrimo by drawing a comic I've already been working on for some time.

But (and bearing in mind that I did spend 24 hour comics day going to IKEA) I may not even get round to doing that.

P.S. I also got spam entitled "Mildred's obvious cock". Some might say spam, I say -- drawing challenge!