November 3rd, 2007


because a picture is worth 1000 words....

... and also because I'm almost too knackered to move. Also, on one of my precipitous dashes upstairs with stew or something I tripped over my overly elven shoes and slammed a knee into a stair and it has gone ow ow ow. Let that be a lesson to you.

To me, I mean.

this is what I've been doing all day
this is what I've been doing all day
(We also had a Halloween party last night).
Collapse ) It's actually worked OK. Of the cocktails, the orc's blood was surprisingly tasty, and the Flaming Balrog was an arse to make (although the Grey Wizard chaser made up for that). I'll post the menu properly, but only after I've finished the error-testing (I already discovered that I missed a third breakfast, e.g.) which should be six-ish tomorrow if I've got my times right (which so far I have).