November 6th, 2007


if I never do anything geeky again, I have done enough

Ever since I started noticing (during a quiet patch in The Return of the King) just how much stew was being consumed, I have been curious as to whether it would be possible to have a Lord of the Rings Eating and Drinking Party. It operates more or less like a Drinking party, i.e., the charaters eat or drink, you eat or drink, except that there are fantasy food items (ent draught, manflesh, etc.) for which acceptable substitutes must be found. I elaborated with a few cocktails because the drinking would otherwise be a bit dull (basically, endless ale).

This weekend, with the help of some unusually dedicated friends, I error tested the concept. Go under the cut to see my menu, annotated here and there with advisory notes and explanatory comments. Collapse )

To anyone who wishes to do this themselves, I offer this advice: have your kitchen and your television on the same floor.
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