November 16th, 2007


weird doodle, wishing I was outside

It's official cake day in the office today. They're downstairs, selling cake, selling cake (and raffle tickets). After last year's fluffy pink lamp disaster (or was it the year before?) I'm disinclined to take part. I'll update the appropriate pages on the website instead.

This odd little picture happened when I was trying to rearrange some categories. The weird floating car-shapes represent yet more failed attempts to visualise the homepage.

It's odd, having a job like this, that didn't exist when I was at school, that will probably evaporate again to be replaced by something else over the next twenty years. I feel like a species that suddenly exploded to fill a favourable niche, about to be extinguished by environmental changes and space invaders. The exquisitely-adapted Peruvian Landslide Chicken, perhaps. It's headless, but hey, that works in the short term.

the animals went in one by one
the animals went in one by one
Hurrah, hurrah

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