December 5th, 2007


ATP housekeeping post , toilet dimensons, decision hedgehog

Brilliantly clever dreams this morning. Both of us slept through an hour of snooze alarm, in proper dream-traps. He was in a logic puzzle, I was a creeping body horror thingy that reset when I half woke with the alarm leading me to go "phew" and go back to sleep and try and get it right this time. Idiot.

Right, let's see. I got sent through an email about All Tomorrow's Parties. It's non-controversial, requires no action, but I thought I should share it for the sake of the first senetence, o Bicketeers:

Please note Portishead and Aphex Twin opted to present their shows in
Centre Stage and will be doing 2 performances each so they could perform
their sets with no restrictive sound issues due to the bottom end
frequencies. Collapse )

In other news, I finally found the tape measure! (What was it doing on the corner of the art-books bookshelf? Something IKEA related, probably.) badasstronaut, my little downstairs toilet is 175x95c, do you have enough vinyl left over? It'll have to be carved up for the sake of the loo and the sink anyway, so going a bit patchy is no problem.

And now I'm off to Heythrop Park for a staff conference on mental health. Let's hope I come back with mine intact. I feel vaguely strengthened by the lessons of the Decision Hedgehog last night, so I'm hopeful. And also planning to sneak in references to small woodland mammals, if I can.

maternal mortality largely caused by complex socioeconomic factors

I read the Guardian yesterday, and it contained some amazing stuff. A brilliant piece by Polly Toynbee on Sex Education, and why it's so important, for example. But there was also a piece called Obesity is an increasing risk in childbirth, report warns at which I snorted.

"Oh look! I said to Tim, "More than half the women who died in childbirth in the UK last year were obese or overweight! Well, 51% were. Well, half. It must have been that, then."

At which point I described a distribution curve in the air explaining why this might be the case.

We had a short argument about statistical validity after that, naturally, which ended up with me saying I probably needed to check the report -- which turns out to actually be called Saving Mothers Lives rather than "Diet or Die, ladies!", as you might have thought from yesterday's article.

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