December 13th, 2007


my dentist is a fan of science!

My lovely dentist has banished all the lifestyle mags and replaced them with his favourite issues of New Scientist! We had a short discussion about weird planets before he inspected my teeth and gave me some advice about reducing jawstrain. My bite was where it belonged, so all is good. He recommends rest, warmth, gentle exercise and ibuprofen. I can live with that.

Looks like the more tender of the greenhouse plants may not be as lucky, though. It's definitely comparatively sheltered in there, but still bastard cold. I'm wondering how best to approach sorting out the it's-still-below-freezing issue, but may have to settle for the classic "not having any time to do anything about it" solution.

I'm also in a bit of a quandary about new year's. The last couple I've spent at the Zodiac's NYE party, but I'm not sure how keen I am on that now since the Carling refit of Doom.
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