January 3rd, 2008


exhibition, resolutions, fragmentation

Things I learned today:

In Portland, cops ride Segways.

What reeded glass is, and that I don't have an easy use for four coloured glass bricks (bah).

That getting out of work early is never going to happen, really.

Here are my resolutions, as randomly selected by the internet. I've got some real ones, too (and didn't make too much of a pig's ear of last year's) but this lot seemed kind of apropos. I'm still trying to get a handle on this year, so I won't be posting them yet.

In 2008, cleanskies resolves to...
Put fifty owls a month into my savings account.
Volunteer to spend time with magic markers.
Give some shoes to charity.
Cut down to ten trousers a day.
Go doodling three times a week.
Ask my boss for a trivia.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Then there's Andy's mad idea about running an exhibition in the Jam Factory -- he's intermittent on the internet at the moment so got me to send out the email. I don't know, though, the gallery fee is £200-500 which is steep for just a few people or a lot of organisation if we decide to go group. Either way it'll be a lot of work and I seem so limited in what I can get done nowadays. In the past my theory has always been that if you do more, you find you are able to do more, but either I've hit some sort of attention maximum or it's just stopped working that way for me.