January 4th, 2008


Bonn square trees are coming down

The Bonn Square redevelopment has reached that critical stage where the last tree without protesters in it has been felled, and there's a guy in an anorak looking at the woodchipper with a strange expression on his face. I imagine there'll be a confrontation soon.

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birds and bees

Last saturday, I was walking from Tim's to my place, when I heard some starlings trying out some new tunes. They had some great whistles, and were squabbling and squawking away in a tree. Wow, I thought, they sound like they're flirting. I started to say to them, "it's not spring yet you fools" when I was interrupted by a solitary bee, buzzing purposefully across the road. And noticed that the tree had that light green flush that comes with early spring. Is it getting lighter?

single flower
single flower
Spring, she is coming.

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