March 7th, 2008


I've been out of everything recently

I forgot about the other really odd thing that happened to me this week. Some news story or other had reminded my of my school days and I went off to look down from above, as you can using Google's excellent set of satellite pictures, only to think: wah! What's happened?

What has happened is that all the old prefabs and Nissan huts have been stripped away and the entire place is being sold off as luxury housing (they even have the cheek to call some of the classroom conversions "barn conversions"). I suppose it must be one of those "gated" type places -- the lack of access stressed out insurers in school days, but doubtless appeals to the luxury burbclaver. They've even laid in a road to the beach (I wonder how many cliff slips that will be good for?).

So weird. Anyway, have a(nother) squid. Happy friday.

mermaids wear t-shirts
mermaids wear t-shirts
You know in your heart it's true