March 14th, 2008


computer woes, sore feet, happy friday

Well, le sigh and hush my moth. It looks like the new computer may have some issues. Kernel issues, driver issues. The sort of issues that (gargle grump) mean my warranty is about to get invoked. In better hardware news I stopped whining about the half-working shuffle and bought a £30 zen stone. Wow! It's light enough to wear as an earring! It'll play me Radio 1! It acts just like a spare disk drive! It's more likely to get accidentally inhaled than stolen! Win.

My feet are sore. Going to funeral of Steve (which I've written up on jellytown for anyone who wanted to go and couldn't) I mistakenly read 298 Goldington Road for 498 Goldington Road, and ended up walking further than I intended (and being charged £1.69 for a cheese and onion pasty by a man who asked if I was allergic to meat! the cheek!) which along with the startlingly long hike through St Pancras added up to many miles which I further compounded by going on a long walk yesterday.

This is boring. Here, have a Magic Kitten Activity Annual instead. Happy Friday!

happy friday
throw a magic kitten party
Contains logic puzzles -- with kittens! Word searches -- with kittens! Creative writing -- with kittens! Etc.