March 21st, 2008


knacked, still haven't dealt with that pigeon

... however, the latest weekly strip collection, "Scattered Leaves" is more or less sorted. I have to, um, do some stitching. It's got a colour cover and a colour centre spread (ooooh so shiny) which exhausted a printer cartridge but all in a good cause I'd say.

I've tagged the tiny tea comics, and printed out a couple of Primers in Basic Goose. More or less ready for the UK Web and minicomics Thing, then. If you're going, I'll see you tomorrow -- on the Caption stall, which is up on the stage by the comics jam + social area. I'm aware that there are a lot of other comics events on in London tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll make it. Look out for andyluke distributing caption fliers, though.

Happy Friday, all.

we saw it all says bystander #1