March 31st, 2008


giant squid news, last week's strip

Great news for fans of collosal squids! The french museum of natural history (here, you fight with their website, just click on the squid, "UN CALMAR GÉANT NATURALISÉ") has got one plastinated and ON THE CEILING! Swooping towards a scared-looking shark, apparently. A bit like Marsyas in the Tate Modern, though, the photos are struggling with the scale. There's a five-page comic strip about it, too (chunky PDF behind the link) which explains plastination for the younger audience.

Speaking of comics, this week's strip got a little crowded out by a busy weekend of legendary party, but I drew it last week while trying to cheer myself up by visiting my sister in London. Here's hoping it spreads more cheer than sadness. I was looking through the strips last week for the Oxfringe Fringe Exhibition (Age Concern Bookshop on Cowley Road, if anyone fancies a look -- my piece is right by the computer in the window) and I was struck by how dark many of them are.

More colour, I promise for the future, starting now:

detail from
detail from Today
People and more people.

Whoah, is it still light? I must plant my sweet peas!