April 4th, 2008


well, that's never happened to me before (FOTL, happy friday)

I was just putting some red on my doodle pad when the nib of the marker just snapped clean off. I wasn't even putting pressure on it! My personal entropy field is cranked up so high at the moment it's a wonder chairs don't fall apart when I sit on them. Grumble, bitch, moan.

Not making much progress towards getting out and having a good time this week (shame, as Oxfringe is on) although I did make it to the Jericho on wednesday for The Future of the Left whose song "Small Bones, Small Bodies" (you can listen to it here) I put on repeat a couple weeks ago in an attempt to figure out if the lyrics actually make any sense (still not sure). Listen to the myspace if you want to know what the band's like -- live, the bass is bigger, they have a crazy vinyl-clad kit wrangler, and there's chat to purpose between songs. I saved my camera for the encore (respect is due to their encore methodology) as is my wont and was rewarded by the bassist scrambling into the audience while everyone else stole the drummer's kit, bit by bit. They didn't miss a beat, but the audience was very Oxford hipster, practically immobile apart from the occasional vague twitch or bitchy comment. I hope the band didn't go away with thoughts of audience H8 because they deserve much love for such a storming wednesday night gig.

Also -- happy friday:

fresh out of hibernation
fresh out of hibernation
I also saw a butterfly this week! It was a bit dozy.