April 11th, 2008


all the little owls (this week's strip)

In the mail this morning, the latest Fruits Basket! I am quite the addict, I fear, even though the zodiacs almost never turn into cute animals any more. It's nearly over, which is just as well; the story is now so fat with backstory and emotional load that the plot has ground nearly to a halt. This episode was almost entirely about slightly regretful and cruel things which people have said, and working out a good way to move beyond them. Not that this is not a fertile topic! I have a strip of my own on the very subject in rough and waiting but I'm finding it far, far too sad to draw.

Instead then, this week's strip. It's part of a long sequence that occasionally recurs, I was reminded of it after I put the previous episode (Oh Sigh) into the Oxfringe exhibition. That was back in 2005, when I had time to use inks and washes. Now I scratch away with three rollerballs while the cat tries to own my sketchpad! Hmm.

all the little owls have come to me
all the little owls have come to me
and they're saying "hoo"

*sigh* The line is better but the lines are worse.