April 15th, 2008

2020 lack of vision

a few things you probably want to see if you haven't yet:

A cat playing a theremin. Now we just need a gerbil on a stylophone and a dog on a moog. I wonder if I could get Teasel to play with Tim's Zounds?

John Snow singing along really badly to Rick Astley -- probably in response to the Rickmob -- both links guaranteed rickroll free. Honest injun. The Snow's scary enough all on his own.

According to a poll that happened last night over at badasstronaut's, I'd make a good Dr Who (although I was only up against other members of the League of Jeremys, including the dreaded Clarkson, so not a grand achievement). And my ideal companions would be Ardal O'Hanlan, Noel Fielding and Pingu. Somehow I think a lot of wee jokes would happen. Wee jokes, screaming, falling off cliffs and costume changes. Dear god. Although this does raise the intriguing possibility of Julian Barratt playing the master! Oh noes! I need an avert slash card!

Oh, my previous regeneration would be Kristin Scott-Thomas. So I think it would be one of those rolling around on the floor type regenerations, don't you?
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