April 18th, 2008


walking and thinking and thinking and walking

Last weekend I ended up going through a box of old papers and letters, chucking it (well, about half of it). I was a frantic correspondent, it seems -- writing drama-laden screeds to various bewildered penpals, all of them close friends who had moved away. Without my letters I can only guess at the story behind a torn up and re-sellotaped letter which starts WELL YOU WILL BE GLAD TO KNOW YOU'VE HURT ME VERY MUCH or five pages of weird ramblings about Viz, drinking and having a shower in multi-coloured inks. But one thought persists: we'd have saved a lot of trees if the internet had been around when I was a teenager...

I also turned up a house photo, taken in the sixth form. The school had just recently gone mixed, and I was the first girl to have gone from the lower school into the sixth, the others were a bunch of nice girls having two years in a mixed before going to university, college, travelling, you know. They all look prosperous and well grooomed; I look like a mad grab-bag of signifiers, totally incoherent and decidedly scruffy. Which is fair enough.

So, in commemoration of my teenaged self, this week's strip. I started elaborately colouring it and then realised I was doing this for the pleasure of colouring and not for the sake of the strip. This one's the appropriately monochrome version.

it gets bitter with time - detail
it gets bitter with time - detail
In which the washing up is not my friend