May 22nd, 2008


this cat has sharp bits

Last week I jested that notorious garden primadonna Monty Don (oh, how I used to like watching him fight with Chris Beardshaw) was off drying out, as he was mysteriously absent and somewhat Monty-ish lines were being performed by the sumptuous Carol Klein. Looks like it's worse news than that -- he's off on gardening leave with a minor stroke, poor love. Still, maybe now they'll bring back the "three things you can do in your garden this weekend" bit (a stab of practicality in Monty's empathically expansive creative and touchy-feely gardening "approach"). Not that I ever did, but I liked the little stab of guilt when I watched it last thing on Sunday (or sometimes Monday after work) and realised that this was another weekend in which I had once again failed my garden.

In other news, the Crystal Skulls are fake! Dear Mr BBC, in what sense is it news that those notorious fakes, the crystal skulls, are fakes? I'm relying on this month's Fortean Times to remind me of the whole sordid story, but from what I recall, it went something like this (I'll try and capture the way people spoke in the past).

"Dude, check out these awesome crystal skulls, they're, like, from Atlantis or Ancient Maya or something."
"They're not really, though, are they."
"Heck no, Dave made them, you should get him to make you some."
"Can I take some photos?"

Does anyone else use new i-movies? I ran into this bizarre problem where it was importing things borkenly, failing to register the imports, and so on (this went on for some time before I figured out where all the ghost files had ended up and I'm still not sure I got them all). I've only got about two hours a week put aside for video, so I need things to work, damnit! I worked around by using quicktime to do an initial crop-and-convert but I still had to restart the programme a couple of times before it would show me the clip. Under old i-movies I'd be frantically junking clips to make space by now, assuming I'd run into memory issues, but new i-movies works so differently I'm not sure that's even possible.

In other news, I've been sent a DVD of my drains and a quote for clearing my filth pipe or something. And now they want to tell me what to do next, by fax. It's all just a string of ancient strangeness today.
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