May 29th, 2008


the sky is falling, wing by wing

I was going to attack this week's strip several weeks ago to be honest with watercolours etc. but I lost an enormous pile of time somewhere. Never mind, digital ink it is. It's all about the swallows and the swifts, and waiting for the sky to fall.

Actually, I did stitch on the sky by hand -- and honestly, do people really sew for pleasure? Maybe it's just me. I seem to be fighting absolutely everything at the moment.

the swallows and the swifts
the swallows and the swifts
the sky is falling, wing by wing

Speaking of which, it's looking less and less likely that I'll have anything new done for Comics Underground this weekend. Such time as I had set aside has been taken up by some crises at work, and I'm unsure they've left me enough patience to work with.

Still, I have about fifteen comics in stock, and given the likely proportions of pushers to punters, that will probably be more than enough. Also on sale will be (AFAIK) the only remaining stock copy of last year's Whores of Mensa. If you want a sneak preview of this year's WOM, there's one here.

Also, I've lost my watch.
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