June 6th, 2008


don't you think Bill Oddie is getting a bit, um.. (Happy Friday)

Caught up on the Springwatch soap opera yesterday (first time this week) and was relieved to see they've managed to score some healthy-looking Crested Tits, although less happy about all the baby Blue Tit corpses. come to think of it, the back garden Blue Tits have looked terrible this year. There might be something going round...

By about half-way through, though, I was beginning to feel the lack of an expert voice. I know part of the point is that we're wildlife watching like the ordinary people but more and more of it seems to be Mad old Bill saying something a bit off and Cheery Co-presenter saying "ooh, steady on now" while we still don't find out why [creature name] has done [something bizarre]. They could do with earpiece elves, like QI has (though possibly they have them and the presenters don't use them much). That said, though -- Oyster Catcher chicks! - rather fluffy.

On the topic of Spring -- Happy friday. The sun's back and looking good.

sun on the side of a white van
sun on the side of a white van
Shining through the Field maples on the site of the allotments.