June 9th, 2008


pond, as yet no life

Old carpets and a dank corner have come together to form pond. It took a bit of digging, but it's there now. I suppose my next step is to place a WANTED on freecycle for a bucket of pondweed, although possibly I should have the solar fountain/aerator in place first. Amy kitten has so far managed not to fall in, but the speed she likes to run around, a learning experience may be on its way.

Speaking of freecycle, I have an ecclesiastical black velvet cloak and a green leather three quarter length coat I'm anxious to get rid of to someone local (too bulky to post). The cloak has always been slightly compact across my shoulders (and I'm not really that much of a cloak wearer) -- it's floor length on me, but short enough to swing rather than drag. The green leather is a bit the wrong shape for me now (and a bit more Legolas than I'm comfortable with) -- probably a 14-16, and I feel compelled to share with you its fail point -- in genuinely torrential rain, when absolutely soaked through, some of the green dye may seep out and cause distress to t-shirts.

If either of those grab your fancy, let me know!

This weekend, I did many lovely things but all fade beside the glory that is badasstronaut's orange torte. Good cake, good spa,and I bought a really cool chopping board.

Now: bed!