June 13th, 2008


the stress and the strain

This morning I looked at my kitchen floor, and realised that sometime last week I had cleaned half of it, before running out of time. I really should get back to that. Add it to the list... (and the list goes on).

A happy few hour's escapism watching the latest Indiana Jones flick last night -- in addition to exploring the delights of motorbike chases through colleges (you could do a great one through central Oxford, and I'm hoping one of the later Potter films will) there were also some rather fun interior decorating ideas, although so far my searches for "crystal skull standard lamp" have produced no results. A market opportunity open there, I think. Lovely colour treatment, too, although the camp technicolour 50s vibe left me perpetually expecting them to break into song, possibly with a chorus of slightly unconvincing CGI animals.

Anyway, happy friday. Have a kitten:

kitten toes
kitten toes
Inbetween pounce.