June 23rd, 2008

2020 lack of vision

I went to a masked ball and mended the pond

Not that either of those are important facts. More relevant is John Welding's Exhibition (overview/documentation, some more pictures) Drawing the City. Huge drawings on huge rolls of paper. John's stuff is lovely, he used to do an awesome observational comic called Goathland. His drawing seems so effortlessly skilled (although I'm sure a great deal of effort goes in)

The Masked Ball was fun, but a weird experience too, especially, the bits that involved finding out from the inside why people in ball gowns act like tossers. Here I am looking elegant as (oh never mind).

silk on the stairs

Turned out I'd done something wrong with the pond, although the frogs seems not to mind. We had about eight, on the final count (and I bet we missed some).

I also must repeat to myself : don't drink and twitter. It's typo-licious.