June 24th, 2008


the wasp from nowhere

As we were getting into the car (Tim and I had been discussing fashion, specifically bold choices, like wearing black fairy wings with a leather cowboy hat and aviator shades) there was a huge gust of wind and a wasp the size of a planet appeared from nowhere in front of Tim's face, and blew across the windscreen to rest, angrily buzzing, against the passenger door. I opened the door suddenly but slightly (taking a microsecond to check for approaching cyclists), hoping a slight jiggle would blow it away, only to have the wind snatch the car door from my hand and slam it open into the path of the oncoming Cowley road traffic. With another terrific blast of wind, the wasp disappeared and I struggled the door shut, having done nothing worse than mildly inconvenience a man in a peacock green car. It was a bold opening move! But now I am warned that the annual struggle of wasps vs. Jeremy has begun.

Oh yes and I did another spamusement, sorry:

she will surely pounce on you
she will surely pounce on you
Little kitten!