July 11th, 2008


moments between posts

This also happened today:
  • 07:26 Stupid subconscious fills in for missset alarmclock with dream about unstoppable computer virus! I unplug internet- oh oops train to catch.
  • 07:32 Friend from internet on platform. He's going to a london meet about research in secondlife. But we only have three minutes between trains.
  • 11:14 Political blogger iain dale is defending himself against three grandees of trad/new media who know their shit. Vicky frost is superb.
  • 17:41 This morning i felt oddly romantic towards the internet, but fortunately the cynic has rearisen- and now i feel: it was a job, i did it.
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2020 lack of vision

steady on ladies - happy friday!

You see, this is what I get for swanning off to a new media conference for a day. While I was off cynically eye-popping at the sweeping statements of a prominent Tory blogger whose main claim to fame is that he broke the "news" about John Prescott's penis size, you were all getting very exercised about (of all things) lentils. Who knew they were such an emotive issue? Although, I suppose it wasn't really the lentils but some strange cultural knot associated with them.

Tory blogger said he had a set of things that guaranteed a huge steaming pile o' comments. His set were predicatable enough (homosexuality, abortion, etc.) Mine seem a little more strange, although on one point we agree. Climate change -- the hot topic across the political spectrum.

Anyway, enough of such serious topics: happy friday from IKB, mosaic-stylee. He likes his chains big and his cigars fragrant.

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