July 25th, 2008


moments between posts

This also happened today:
  • 13:49 Dreamy with chocolate cake, sifting rubbish at the market for treasures from antique dealers shed-sweepings; sugar tongs, a broken dip pen.
  • 20:55 Fear yourself! Says the graffiti in the toilet. Especially in the morning, someone else has appended, aaaaaaaa!
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chicken feeding lady - happy friday!

Oops. My camera, with its photographs of dinosaur fairy lights and Tourettes Parrot (as he has been named) are not in my bag, are presumably on Tim's coffee table where I was photographing TP. I am very tired today, but I still want to post a picture.

Ah, the other memory card, has it anything on it? Oooh, a medieval out-of-scale chicken feeding lady I found on a display board at Kendal castle!

She struck me because of the farmyard set chicken feeding lady me you and everyone had as a child who was so out of scale that chickens came up to her head and cockerels towered over her (the top picture on this page shows the toy I mean). She seems to have been replaced in modern sets by a rather Green Welly brigadish Farmer's Wife.

Anyway, Happy friday from the huge looming chicken and the nervous chicken feeding lady.

chicken feeding lady and chicken
chicken feeding lady and chicken
The mismatch of scale would get us every time.