August 8th, 2008


son et lumier under folly bridge, happy friday, autokratz

I was woken up this morning by Teasel trying to sleep where my feet were. I shifted my position, went back to sleep, and he shifted his, and woke me up again. Then the same again. Presumably he was after some specific type of sleep (famed by the catnap connoisseurs) only attainable by presenting furry inconvenience to sleeping feet. Or perhaps he was aiming for nestling against feet, and just kept doing it wrong.

Something I found out about yesterday, of interest to people who like art and live in Oxford -- New Works (the tiny gallery on Folly Bridge) is doing a site-specific show on the river, under the bridge, 8-22 Aug. "The works include an aircraft carrier, a floating infrasound amplifier, and a site-specific interactive light and sound piece installed underneath Folly Bridge." How big is that aircraft carrier, I wonder? Slightly more information available on their myspace page.

Also, happy friday from cheerful robot:

happy robot smile!

If happy robot has cheered you sufficiently that you want to dance at your desk, I suggest Autokratz with Pardon Garcon.