September 1st, 2008


all the news I forgot to print

When I went in to feed tinyjo's cats on saturday I was greeted by a domestic disaster zone! Unusually it didn't involve small rodent carnage, but there was quite a lot of broken glass. As far as I could tell, Charlie cat had decided that the left hemisphere of my small brain would make the perfect cat toy, and had winkled it out of Cassandra-the-last-human's brain jar (a hefty beer glass) sending the whole kit and caboodle crashing to the floor. I checked her paws carefully for broken glass, but she had displayed extraordinary -- if selective -- dexterity, and only the bits she wanted (the hemisphere and the stem of the brain stand) had been taken away, batted around and abandoned in obscure corners of the living room. Oooh, that'll teach me to leave my fancy dress costumes lying around... I'd say poor little thing, but she looked quite pleased with herself.

I made pear and blackberry turnover and tested a Polaroid Pogo tonight. It's quite good once the swearing stops (the Pogo, not the turnover).

moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 10:42 Magpies! Two on the road, two on the pavement. They see me! One on the verge, three in the road. A car! Four in the acacia trees. Lucky?
  • 23:18 Testing polaroid pogo on the cat, tim, a waterlily, the door, a sign, frogs, and finally itself. Reality not broken yet. Must try harder.
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