September 12th, 2008


stumbling along behind like an animal balloon

A very strange dream this morning: an electric fog descended suddenly on Florence Park and when I tried to get into my house to shelter, hundreds of cats ran past me in silent single file and instantly hid themselves. In other news, the washing machine has been leaking discreetly for some time, but yesterday got careless and was obvious about it. I now have a new part on order, and am considering what to do about the problem behind the washing machine. I suspect any solution starts with "allow to dry out thoroughly", though.

This bright yellow hoodie is tormenting me. It's not me at all and far too expensive, and yet... on the other hand, my "no new tops while current purchases in transit" rule is still in play. So much for that.

I have a glut of pears. Suggestions? Savory solutions are especially welcome. Also - happy friday. Have an autumn rose in sunset colours. Not mine, alas -- it's in a sqaure foot of dirt outside a house at the bottom of Cowley Road. It's an urban rose.

autumn rose
autumn rose
Glowing by the road.