September 19th, 2008

2020 lack of vision

whinging and caving/sizing the dinosaur

Memes, memes, it's all about the memes today. have you seen the photo-all-my-shoes-in-a-circle meme, which is doing the rounds of the beautiful ladies on my friendslist at the moment? (Predictably, it's even better with Flickr.) I'm very down on memes, probably because I don't want my authoriality undermined by other people's instructions. The journal is in my service, not the other way round. So I don't usually participate, even when tagged or mentioned directly (for which I apologise - a little bit). I'm less impressed by the photo-of-me-now meme, whose heady combination of narcissism and posing is proving irresistable to bloggers across the planet. Thanks to that my entire friendslist has perved into an unstoppable torrent of hot geeks peering at me winsomely. Help! My friends list is flirting with me!

...oh for the love of mary, alright. As you can see I forgot to put on my hair gel this morning.

cam girl

Also, thinking about that Velociraptor thing, I think -- what with having trained on turkeys, guineafowl, geese, large chickens, swans and peacocks as a child -- that I could take a Velociraptor. I'd need a large hessian sack, some baler twine, and a hook to hang it from. And gloves. Not to forget the gloves.

A Deinonychus, not so much:

relative sizes of common raptors
relative sizes of common raptors
With probable emotional reaction to same.