October 22nd, 2008


the weekly strip -- my hiatus is purely illusory

I haven't posted any comics for ages, though it's not because I've not been doing any, heaven forbid. Although I have just finished my sketch pad, and will have to obtain a new one soon. Indicative of what's been going on is that there are three or four strips in there I've not yet uploaded, one completely finished. The computer woes are part of it -- still ongoing, and I fear that I cannot altogether recommend Dell's 12 month guarantee -- and living between two houses is another. My systems are awry and my capacity diminished. And when that happens, the strips that do end up being drawn are the angry, bitter ones, not the other happy-suprised-positive ones, which still get written but end up as scribbled pages in the back of the book, tucked away until I can recapture that fleeting moment they existed in.

A happy exception is this week's strip, which I drew at a sadly underpopulated gig in my local struggling music pub. Lovely Megamoog were playing, and the hero of this strip is based on the singer. Since then, mainstream media has caught up with me, and it looks a lot like it's based on last week's No Heroics. Never mind, eh.

applique everything - detail
applique everything - detail
Superheroic misadventures in fashion.