October 24th, 2008


christmas is all about owls

Some slight progress on the Dell Hell -- another half day of updates and testing and I can pass over from hardware support to software support. I wonder what continent software support will be on? Still, it's been a good lesson in de-idiomizing my email style. I think I was originally filed in hardware because I used the words "monitor" and "flicker" in reasonably close proximity in the same email, although it could have gone either way, to be honest.

Anyway, enough of this, have some of this: Happy Friday.

christmas will be fluffy

If you click on through, there's a picture of timscience riding a toy triceratops nearby. Also more owls. This year, in Selfridges, Christmas is all about owls.

P.S. I thought you might want this:
tim rides the wildest ride
tim rides the wildest ride
Go Triceratops go!